Summer’s Over, Seaside Town

Comic, 2021 

In 2019, my grandfather passed away.

the theme home-coming. Although this comic is a creation around the home- coming topic, what I’ve been telling is a story about home-leaving, with growth, death, family and urban change. Shenzhen is a city that quickly demolishes the old and builds new ones.

Every time I come back here, many places and objects I know would either appear in a completely new look or disappear forever. I don’t know if I’m home-coming or home-leaving at the moment I come back.

I have procrastinated for 2 years after I finished the beginning because it’s too heavy for me. I am afraid that I would ruin it. I am afraid that once it is finished, something would be changed forever and would never be the same again. I’m even more afraid that once it’s finished, I would reconcile with myself and my family. I don’t want reconciliation.

I want to always remember this guilt, regret, unspoken hints and belated pain forever. I drag myself back to these scenes eternally and intermittently. Let my rootless duckweed-like life land on the ground and be free.